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Entry #1


2011-09-18 14:44:38 by theevillemon

Hey guys! I'm gonna take advantage of this..journal-blog-news-update space to introduce myself. :)

I'm an animation graduate, with a love of video game and digital painting. I have experience in flash game development, and some in concept art for 3D. I'm a bit busy looking for a job right now, but I'd really love to work on some short animations once I'm settled.

I have a blog where I post progress of my work and sketches:
and my online portfolio is here

And finally, I have a group of friends who've been working on a nice XBlig/possibly steam title for a couple of months now. They're doing such a nice job, I really want to share the trailer (careful, the sound is a bit loud)

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(The knight drawing is by me! ^0^)


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2011-10-31 16:19:00

Which drawing is yours?

theevillemon responds:

the knight painting at the start, the rest of my art isn't directly in the game, it served as a reference for the 3D. :) (sorry for the late response)